The Universal manhole Opener
Three Easy Steps:

Stand tool approximately one foot away from the edge of the manhole cover. Insert hook in the hole nearest to you (inserting in the hole opposite to you could result in injury). The lip of the hook must point toward edge of the manhole. Take up slack in chain until the bottom portion of the tool is approximately at a right angle to the ground. Secure the chain in the clip on the bend in the arm of the tool.

Standing behind the tool, with one foot on the shoe, pull the upper portion of the arm towards you in a lever motion. This will lift the cover out of the opening.


Step the tool back about one foot for a second leverage point and pull it towards you. The cover should now be fully removed .
CamLift Works With Municipalities:
Calgary-based Camlift Tool Co. Ltd. has been in operation for over 20 years and has provided manhole openers to major Canadian municipalities as well as large utility companies. With the goal of minimizing the risk of injury, Camlift designed this tool to move manhole covers with optimum ease and safety.
Two convenient payment options:
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